At this point, probably not until the next generation.

Bethesda has delivered some of the best games in existence over the past five or six years, and yes, they have been fantastic on PlayStation 3 as well. But obviously, PlayStation followers are still second-class citizens in Bethesda's mind.

We don't get expansions and downloadable content at the same rate as PC and Xbox 360 gamers (if we get that content at all), and the final products themselves tend to have more PS3-specific issues. The well-documented game-breaking error in the PS3 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim made a great many PS3 fans hopping mad, and Bethesda didn't appear to be in any super great rush to fix it. After all, the 360 and PC versions seemed okay so who cares, right?

It's just a little frustrating at this time in the generation, when essentially all multiplatform titles are very much the same across the major consoles. There are some slight differences in the delivery of DLC but for the most part, PS3 owners get virtually the same experience as anyone else. This is not 2007, where many multiplatform games were inferior on Sony's machine; back then, a lot of those were half-assed ports and now, most developers will tell you they actually begin creating a new game on the PS3 first. How many times have we seen headlines saying a certain team has chosen the PS3 to be the lead platform?

And yet, Bethesda just never seemed to get with the program this generation. PS3 owners have had numerous complaints with their titles and – especially in comparison to the EA/BioWare response to the Mass Effect 3 fan complaints – Bethesda has done next to nothing to improve in regards to Sony's console. Yeah, we get it, you're a PC-oriented developer and the 360 is more in your wheelhouse. And it's not like Skyrim looked that much different on the PS3, or even played that much different. It's just the overall package (which for PS fans includes bugs and lack of support via fixes and extra content). We get inferior treatment.

Kinda irritating, Bethesda.