Time to update your PlayStation 3 again.

Details of the firmware update 4.20 have popped up online , and they include a series of fixes and new features.

This includes wireless stereo headset sidetone functionality, the ability to copy and delete multiple save files, and the chance to alter the amount of time before the system automatically shuts down. Being able to copy a group of saves at once will be a lifesaver for those who want to back up those files, and if you're looking to clean up the hard drive, deleting a bunch of saves at once is helpful, too. Obviously, this is a very practical update; it isn't exactly flashy – some were hoping for a redesigned XMB, for instance – but it's functional.

Personally, I'm good with saving any flash for the PS4. I'm not the biggest fan of a ton of updates when it comes to electronics, just because I keep thinking those in charge are often only trying to find new things to do…not 'cuz we need it, but 'cuz they don't have anything else to do. Yeah, you know, work in the corporate world. 😉

Firmware 4.20 should be available today (Tuesday).