Okay, first of all, the news that's getting a ton of attention this weekend is old. We knew the ESRB had rated Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the PlayStation 3 back in January .

Anyway, assuming that those PS2 classics are coming to the PSN in downloadable format, the question is simple: Do those titles withstand the test of time, or do they really show their age? Well, considering that I can't seem to go a month without fooling around in Vice City (sorry, I just love the setting), I think I've got some recent insights into the issue. I did play GTAIII recently as well, and there is some difference between the two games in question but…not too much.

One of the things we may notice immediately is that the control isn't fantastic. It almost seems sluggish, clunky, and unreliable when compared to the more fluid, responsive control mechanics of today. That being said, driving is always a breeze; there isn't anything realistic about it but up until GTAIV, there wasn't a single solitary element in the franchise that was even remotely authentic. And yeah, that was part of the fun. So in some ways, the sheer over-the-top fun factor should endure. The only problem is that given the dated look of the visuals (and it's plain as day) and the relatively clunky controls, younger players might just turn up their noses.

And that leads me to wonder whether or not all these PS2 and PS1 classics are almost entirely for those who played them way back when and want to take a trip down memory lane. GTAIII and Vice City were groundbreaking in their day and I could still play both without a problem, but the 20-year-old who probably thinks GTAIV is dated…? Unlikely.

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