The PlayStation Network has been thriving thanks to several successful exclusive downloadable titles ( flOw , Calling All Cars , etc.), and two more have been unveiled by Sony's semi-official ThreeSpeech blog .

First up is Super Stardust HD which is like a modernized and enhanced version of Asteroids , capable of being viewed in glorious 1080p resolution. The goal is to simply pilot your ship in an effort to avoid and destroy flying meteors and enemy spacecraft. Three game modes await old-school fans, including a two-player co-op mode, and the now-requisite leaderboard will also be featured. Super Stardust HD is slated to release in June.

The other game is Snakeball , and if you're a true arcade buff, you'll know of its inspiration, the classic Snake . Players will steer a "hoversnake" around a set area, picking up as many brightly colored balls as possible, and with each ball collected, the snake grows longer. That gives you more points, but it also makes you an easier target for other players, so be careful! The game will even boast support for the recently announced PlayStation Eye , so you can slap your own face on the head of the snake. Snakeball will become available in July.

Two more potentially great downloadable titles for the PlayStation Store means more fun for everyone, plain and simple.

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