It's one of the most anticipated action games of the year and if you act now, you can grab some free downloadable content, an in-game item, and even free shipping. Just gotta pre-order.

THQ has announced the Darksiders II pre-order incentives. First and foremost, if you pre-order from , you will automatically be upgraded to the Limited Edition, which features the first piece of DLC, Argul's Tomb (a single-player expansion).

The Darksiders II Season Pass will allow gamers who pre-order at the publisher's store to download the 2nd and 3rd DLC packs when they become available. Yep, no extra cost. Plus, pre-ordering will net you a code to unlock the exclusive Maker's Armor and Scythe set. Said THQ Vice President of Global Brand Marketing:

"We are excited to be able to reward customers who pre-order the game via shopTHQ with this great incentive. Not only will they get a unique armor set at launch, but they will also get significant free content for months to come."

It's also interesting to note that the press release says all downloadable content was "not originally intended for the main game." That's a distinction publishers haven't often made going into the launch of a new game, but these days, it's probably a good idea. There's even a new live action trailer to check out: