The Square-Enix Party in May is shaping up to include a ton of games, but to the disappointment of many, it initially appeared as if they'd only have DS titles to talk about. But recently, more information concerning Sony-based games has come to light, and that includes the existence of a brand new Star Ocean .

According to IGN , they've discovered a little secret over at, and it addresses a "huge announcement." Scheduled to be revealed in a couple weeks, Square-Enix is holding a "Star Ocean Special Stage" on May 12, which is when the new title will be unveiled. It's a pretty big deal; they're offering a brief video clip, an introduction to the characters and voice actors, and there will even be a live performance by the group who provided the theme song.

Now, we're just assuming the new Star Ocean will be for the PS3, simply because the previous two installments have been for the PS1 and PS2, respectively. However, it could still be just another DS title…although RPG fans and PS3 owners are desperately hoping it's not. We'll know shortly, though, so hold your breath…

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