Now this is a game that should really benefit from glorious high-definition.

You know you're going to want it. Thanks to Famitsu and several Japanese sources, we've learned that the artistically accomplished and critically acclaimed PS2 title, Okami , is being remade in high-def for the PS3.

The new version will be called "Okami Zekkie-ban," which translates to "Okami: Magnificent Edition," and it will boast 1080p HD, PlayStation Move support, and although it hasn't been confirmed, we're going to go out on a limb and say Trophies will be included as well. The Move is a nice touch because that can be used as a paintbrush in the game. It seems Okami HD will be ready to go on November 1 in the Land of the Rising Sun, and those who pick up a first-run copy will get a voucher code to download the digital version of "Okami: A Caricature of Beasts," a Japanese book adaptation of the game's plot.

As for North America and Europe, gamers in those territories can expect a digital version of Okami HD , which should retail for $19.99. Along with Shadow of the Colossus , we're talking about one of the prettiest games of the PS2 generation, so…yeah, this is sweet.

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