Fans of the off-road racer, MotorStorm , will soon have to download update 1.2 in order to play online. This one's big, too, as it sets out to clean things up on a grand scale. The full list of fixes and upgrades are listed over at the European Official PlayStation forums , and as you can see, this mid-May update should go a long way to solidifying the online experience.

A quick summary: they're fixing that absurdly annoying "boost exploit" (thank God, right?), your buddy list has expanded and will now support up to 50 friends, there's generally improved "online stability," they've erased the possibility of a save data corruption bug, and also added some small standard-definition and surround sound audio repairs.

Really, it's no secret that gamers have experienced several issues when playing MotorStorm online, but update 1.2 here should make things much more enjoyable.

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