Some people didn't like Capcom placing unlockable DLC fighters on the game disc. Team Ninja just thinks extra characters are downright "unfair."

The developer told Videogamer that Capcom's strategy of putting "downloadable" fighters on the disc isn't "the right way to go," and says you won't be seeing such DLC for the hotly anticipated Dead or Alive 5 . Here's what Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi had to say on the subject:

"We don't feel that it's right for fighting games. We feel like this is a kind of sport, and you don't change the rules for sports. Everybody plays by the same rules. You don't have a 14-player soccer game versus an 11-player soccer game. That's just not fair.

It's a similar thing to if certain people have all these characters and others don't. It makes it an unfair game, and we don't think that's the right way to go for fighting games."

He added that they have "no plans" to sell characters as downloadable content, and as it's already tough to balance a fighting game, extra characters just makes it all the more difficult. Hayashi said balancing a game with 20 characters is a definite challenge; throwing in more would just be a pain. So what's your take on selling extra fighters as DLC?

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