There has been much debate surrounding the Cell processor in the PS3; some are praising the heck out of it, others are wondering if it's really that much more powerful than the 360's processor. But recent developer interviews are starting to shed some light on the issue, such as Factor 5 talking about how they were blown away by the Cell processor.

Now, thanks to and , we learn that EA CEO Gerhard Florin also has a little something to say in an interview with He first clarified EA's intent to support all three next-gen consoles with the following statement:

"The first two years will clearly be an open race, everybody will do very well. I believe all three [consoles] are worth supporting in different ways."

Speaking of "different ways," it seems clear that developers are starting to focus on the PS3 for its potential inherent power and the 360 for its established multiplayer and online popularity. When it comes to the most technologically-advanced titles – like FPSs – EA says they "need" the Cell processor of the PS3 for those next-gen installments.

"Shooters like Medal of Honor, Black, we will clearly concentrate on PlayStation 3 because we need Cell processor power," added Florin.

Now, these words hint at something else that's awfully intriguing- does this mean the esteemed Medal of Honor franchise will be exclusive to the PS3? We wouldn't have expected any popular EA franchises to stay on one console this generation, what with so many third-parties going multiplatform, but it could be possible… Guess we'll just have to wait for more details. But for now, it's good to know more developers are accepting the Cell, and appear to be excited about its potential.

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