In terms of high-intensity action, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has you fully covered.

And with a few more details and screenshots revealed at the PlayStation Blog , your excitement level just might rise a few notches.

They talk about sampling the super special Blade Mode, which is activated with the L2 button and triggers a wicked cool slow-mo feature where we gain full control over Raiden's sword. Anything you target gets slashed, and that includes anything from an enemy to a structure to a "girl's dress." …oh yeah? And how many times will you activate Blade Mode just so you can do this? Be honest now.

They also talk about working combos into Blade Mode, and the fact that the game runs at a silky smooth 60 frames per second. Raiden is one speedy dude (no big shock there), so he's fully capable of dealing with whatever is thrown his direction. We'll even be able to take the sword with our feet and slice anything in the vicinity, just like we saw in that epic MGS4 trailer. And even if we don't have the stealth from the MGS franchise, other familiar series elements will be included, such as the Gekkos from MGS4.

The brief preview goes on to conclude that Revengeance "feels like a completely fresh product." And really, that's all we want: Fresh awesomeness from Raiden in early 2013.

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