The PS3 has been gaining steam, slowly but surely, and we all know the games will have to push it over the top. Well, those games aren't far off now, what with a solid summer and potentially amazing fall lineup, so it seems consumers are taking notice. Sales of the system remain pretty mediocre in all regions, but that is likely to change, what with the games and the rumored price drop on the way. But how "wanted" is the PS3? Well, CNET claims it's the "most wanted" product for this week.

As you can see, the PS3 is the top-rated most-wanted electronic gadget of the week, and it's also enjoying 35 consecutive weeks on the top 20 list. Sony's newest console beat out the Nintendo Wii (that console topped the list last week, and has been on the list for 32 weeks), the Xbox 360, and the Apple iPhone. The only question is, can the system live up to its top billing? Well, there's plenty of great stuff on the horizon – PlayStation Home being one of those highlights – so hopefully, the PS3 will continue to rise.

It will also be interesting to see how the three consoles rank on the list during the holidays…now that oughta be a dogfight.

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