If you're an abrasive or offensive online gamer, you might want to consider avoiding Resistance: Fall of Man . Sony has taken strides to make the online environment of the popular FPS a whole lot friendlier, so take heed of the new policies.

Revealed by Videogame News today, the first part of the new format is simple: no offensive usernames or clan titles. In the past, some players have apparently been combining the first three letters of their clan tag with their username to create words that violate the EULA. So in other words, you tricky filthy individuals can no longer cheat the system. You can try it all you want, but if you're reported, the punishment is severe- permanent ban from the game, and your Network account will be suspended.

Next on the list are cheaters or gamers who exploit certain inconsistencies or glitches. Players can now report cheaters using lag devices by delivering a private message to the MyResistance.net "cheating" account (username: cheating). And finally, cheating and in-game exploitation is not allowed in any game type, and that includes both Custom and Private games.

And the last update is a little devious. They're dubbed "in-game moderators" and they pop into any game at any time simply to observe the action and look for cheaters. Thing is, you won't ever know they're there. So "big brother" might be watching, guys…fair warning. First-time cheaters get slapped with a 24-hour ban, and the bans will increase in length with each new infraction. Of course, an attempt to circumvent a ban is counted as just another infraction, so don't bother trying that, either.

Well, that's that. The world of Resistance online is now somewhat stricter and rules/policies are certainly more enforced.

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