We were disappointed when we didn't get an official launch date for Grand Theft Auto V at E3.

That sort of implies the hotly anticipated title won't arrive this year. But wait just a minute…there are other industry events scheduled for 2012, of course, and that includes GamesCom 2012 in August. Big news there?

According to Play Front , publisher Take-Two Interactive will be on hand, which sort of implies that we'll receive some fresh GTAV details. The only downside is that the rumor doesn't say Take-Two will certainly talk about the new GTA at the show; at this point, the source is only assuming, and you know what happens when we do that…yeah, nothing ends up well.

Still, we're really hoping this is true. We won't get The Last Of Us this year and other games, like Bioshock Infinite , have also been delayed and aren't part of the 2012 calendar anymore. So we could definitely use GTAV this year, wouldn't you say? Oh heck, we'll be happy with a set-in-stone date.

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8 years ago

I hadn't thought we wouldn't see a new GTA this year for some reason, but if they did announce it in August, it could mean we would see it for the fall/holiday rush…

That would be a nice surprise..although that time of year is usually pretty heavy on the wallet already…

8 years ago

I'd be shocked if GTA V made it this year. I just want Borderlands 2 out the door as it would be nice to hear about the next Duke Nukem.

8 years ago

good call on borderlands 2…I keep forgetting about that one.

8 years ago

Well, if GamesCon is in august then we can kiss goodbye to our dreams and hopes of GTA5 being released this year. It HAS to be spring 2013 then. They can't hold back the promotion machine up until a mere handful of weeks before the release… Can they?

It would be cool though. Just, *BAM*, October the 16th or something.

Lawless SXE
Lawless SXE
8 years ago

May 8, 2013. I really don't think it's coming this year anymore. I'm not sure they'll even drop the date then, but a reveal would make sense, considering R* North is based in Scotland, and Europe is just a hop, skip and jump away.

I don't like that, anytime T2 is mentioned, everyone instantly assumed it is related to GTA V. They do also have XCOM, Bioshock and Mafia, among other properties to their name. Also, I might expect R*'s next project after GTA V to be announced at the end of this year much like the announcements of L.A. Noire, Max Payne and GTA V, which came before their previous releases IIRC. (If this is the case, PLEASE BE AGENT!!!)

I'm shutting up now.

8 years ago

why is it every time T2 is mentioned everyone instantly assumes GTA?
i mean they do have a bazillion other titles under their belt you know?
hell, for all we know they will be there revealing a release date for agent!
would be nice………..
GTAV is NOT releasing this year, so get over it!
christ i think we have had enough release date announcement rumours to last us for the next 20 GTAs!

8 years ago

Not as many games this year as last year. 2012 is shaping to be a fairly quiet one, which is good for the wallet.

Sure, there's still Borderlands 2, Farcry 3 and Assassin's Creed 3. And the usual Call of Duty yearly release. There's also Resident Evil 6 and Halo 4 for the 360 gamers out there.

Wii U and some new 3DS games around August to December as well.

Still quite a bit, but no where near as massive as last year was!!

Uncharted 3,
Killzone 3,
LBP 2,
Infamous 2,
Motorstorm Apocalypse,
Dead Space 2,
Mortal Kombat,
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood,
Portal 2,
ICO Shadow of the Colossus Collection,
Dark Souls,
Resistence 3,
MGS HD Collection,
Batman Arkham City,
Gears of War 3,
Forza 4,
Fable 3,
Battlefield 3,
Modern Warfare 3,
The Elder Scrolls Skyrim,
Saints Row the Third,
Duke Nukem Forever!!!! (shame it was terrible)
Marvel Vs Capcom 3,
Zelda Skyward Sword,
Super Mario 3D Land,
Mario Kart 7
and Xenoblade Chronicles in Europe and Australia!!!

Yeah… 2011 was a little insane!!

So far this year, we've had

Twisted Metal,
the Vita launch and its titles,
Mass Effect 3,
Trials Evolution,
Diablo III,
Xenoblade Chronicles in the US,
Max Payne 3 and
Prototype 2.

Then we've got the rest of 2012 with New Super Mario Bros 2, Sleeping Dogs (which could be hit or miss), Farcry 3, Borderlands 2, Dishonored, Dead or Alive 5, Resident Evil 6, Assassin's Creed 3, Halo 4 and Black Ops 2.

To me, 2012 has many great games, but isn't as mind-blowing or money-draining as last year was.

How's 2013 shaping up so far?

DMC Devil May Cry
GTA V (though it just MIGHT hit late 2012, but I doubt it)
Bioshock Infinite
Aliens Colonial Marines
South Park The Stick of Truth
Tomb Raider
The Last of Us
God of War Ascension
Beyond: Two Souls
Crysis 3
Dead Space 3
Gears of War Judgement
Elder Scrolls Online
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
Watch Dogs (though could be pushed into 2014)

Yep… 2013 could be that money-sucking year to be a gamer again. Good thing I've been saving this year. ūüôā

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8 years ago

I think I need to buy at least 7 of those 2013 games. jeez