Okay, so we've been wanting to get into that Home Beta test, but it's not open as of yet. Even so, it appears some people – perhaps just PlayStation Gamer Advisory Panel members – have received an invite e-mail to the Beta, a portion of which is pictured here. The official site still tells us to "keep checking back," though, so at this time, we're not sure when everyone else will be able to register.

A few points of interest to point out about the trial- you must be 18 years of age or older, a U.S. or Canadian resident, and of course, a PS3 owner. There are several other restrictions and requirements, but none of them are bizarre or unreasonable, so we suggest you follow the instructions on that site. In other words…keep checking back. Sony has said they wanted a large number of participants in this Beta test, so we seriously doubt they're limiting it to several GAP members. That'd be just plain silly.

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