Okay, so you've seen the major stuff from Sony's E3 press conference (we've already got all the footage embedded into the news articles), but there's more, ya know.

Here's some gameplay from E3 that you really shouldn't miss. If you didn't catch all the conferences, there's a good chance you haven't seen everything worth seeing. First up is some naval combat from Assassin's Creed III ; this was shown after the new Liberation Vita trailer.

Then there's the four-player co-op for Far Cry 3 , which was also on display during Sony's conference. Four guys team up and go at it; this is the kind of action that multiplayer aficionados can really get behind.

Let's not forget about one of the most anticipated shooters of the year: Medal of Honor: Warfighter . The footage shown at E3 this year should definitely get you amped up and if I were Activision, I'd worry that EA might steal away another chunk of the shooter market later this year…