Fancy cinematics and CGI are one thing. Gameplay is quite another, yes?

Sony's E3 2012 press conference has just drawn to a close and although there wasn't anything especially groundbreaking (besides that unbelievable Beyond: Two Souls footage ), the gameplay on display is what put Sony head-and-shoulders above the competition. No doubt about it.

The God of War: Ascension action was just plain bloody and fantastic from top to bottom. Featuring the gory flair for which the franchise is so well known, Kratos took on everything from sword-wielding elephants to a massive Kraken-like creature at the end. We also watched him switch seamlessly between his own sword and the traditional Blades of Chaos, which should indeed lead to quite a few combat options.

Then there was The Last Of Us gameplay, which looked absolutely stunning. The urgency and authenticity of the footage is almost indescribable, as Joel and Ellie fight to simply stay alive against weapon-toting guys who react and move quite realistically. Ellie created a distraction to give Joel the edge at one point, and in another example of a super cool mechanic, Joel took one guy hostage and tried to use him as leverage. Plus you've got the combination of the third-person shooting (which looked great) and the melee combat, which appears to be a major aspect of the experience.