Lair is prepared to become one of the best PS3 titles to date, once it launches on July 31. Factor 5 recently spoke to GamePro about their project, and among a horde of new game information is some serious praise for the Cell processor.

They first describe Lair as a "flight and fight" game, where you spend much of your time in the air, ala Air Force style. When you're on the ground, you can still use your dragon to snatch enemies with giant claws and utilize a vicious tear attack. We figured this, but one other element was clarified: we will spend all our time on the dragon, whether we're in the air or on the ground, as there is only one brief part of the storyline that has you dragon-less, and you don't perform melee combat in the field.

But that dragon has a ton of cool possibilities. In addition to the tear attack, you'll have access to Rage mode, which allows you to see the action through the eyes of the dragon itself. Everything slows down and turns to black and white (you can identify friend or foe with the press of a button), and you can really go nuts. They're also talking about using the context sensitive attacks we found in God of War and Resident Evil 4 when dealing with dragons and riders in mid-air, which is definitely a good option.

And lastly, one of the more intriguing parts of the interview revolved around the PS3 and its capabilities. The team had great hopes and ambitions for Lair , and they wondered if the Cell processor could handle it…the answer to that question is as follows:

"We were blown away by Cell. Not so much by the graphics chip because that was basically what was known and what we expected, but the Cell suddenly made it possible to use techniques in Lair that we had talked about before, but which we never thought a system would be fast enough to actually support. We were able to make this insane level of detail changes possible from the very, very highest point up in the sky all the way to the ground."

Sounds like good news for both this game and future PS3 productions, doesn't it? And the more we hear about Lair , the more excited we get.

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