Damn, they hit us with it right off the bat!

Quantic Dream boss David Cage is on the stage right now at Sony's E3 2012 press conference, and he has announced his team's new project that will be exclusive to the PlayStation 3: Beyond: Two Souls . Excited we are.

The concept centers on death; for the first time in a video game, we will move beyond the realm of life and examine what happens "beyond." More details will be forthcoming but we know the main character, Jodi Holmes, will be portrayed by Academy Award-nominated actress Ellen Page. There's no doubt that someone of Page's caliber should lend a whole lot of authenticity to the role.

They're showing a portion of the game right now; it's running in real-time on the PS3 and it looks freakin' incredible . The more we learn about this, the more excited we're gonna be. Quantic Dream is looking to raise the bar in the interactive entertainment industry yet again…and we believe they will. Who doubts these guys?