Digi-Guys says their goal is to "push beyond the confines of conventional 'next-generation' thinking in order to produce unique, innovative, and platform leading Videogames & Digital content across all media." The company is a subsidiary of Ignition, and it's based in a state-of-the-art facility inside the renowned Ealing Studios in London. Now, given all this, wouldn't you be excited to hear about their first game project? Yeah, so were we.

According to PSU , WarDevil for the PS3 is that project. Whispers of the endeavor have been revolving beneath the surface for over a year (its first official engine demo debuted at E3 2006) and they're still being tight-lipped. However, we do expect to hear more details at either this year's E3 or TGS. At this point, the team is talking about "bridging the gap" between the absolute best in game and movie technology.

"We’re delighted to be part of the UTV family, as this gives WarDevil the ability to cross many artistic and technical boundaries and become a leading IP for the PS3,” comments the founder of Digi-Guys and Ignition’s Creative Director, Andy Whitehurst. “By focusing on cutting edge technology and fusing both games and movie technologies together, we’re able to create one of the first true hybrid projects that will literally bridge the gap between the two mediums. It’s a very exciting time for everyone involved, as we continue to push back the boundaries to create a world beating IP."

The wave of the future? Perhaps. But let's wait and see what comes to light in the next few months.

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