Less PlayStation and more PSP, says Sony. That's apparently the plan for future downloadable classic titles via the Store, as the latest update features only PSP titles. Furthermore, as IGN tells us, the price of downloading those games on the PS3 and playing them on the PSP is on the rise in Japan. Perhaps this is due to the newfound ability to play the Game Archive titles on the PS3…?

Up to this point, downloads have cost 525 yen, but that price has recently risen to 600 yen (tax-inclusive). We assume the U.S. and other regions will see a similar price hike, even though it's not extremely significant. Sony didn't give a reason for the price increase, but the titles listed in the Game Archive already reflect the new price tags.

For now, though, this is only for Japan. We have no idea if any of this will come to the U.S., but if it does, we'll be sure to let you know. And if you log on and check things out, you may find out for yourself in the near future.

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