If you check out the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, you'll get an eyeful of new Hot Shots Golf 5 details, according to 1Up . Luckily, these are the kinds of details fans of the franchise will appreciate, because they answer some important questions regarding both online and single-player gameplay.

First off, a somewhat strange tidbit: there will only be 14 playable characters in the game, which is a step back from the 20+ found in previous Hot Shots installments. However, one of those characters will be Japanese professional golfer Shigeki Maruyama, and different characters have popped up in the American versions of these games in the past. So the number "14" isn't exactly written in stone for North America.

Next, online news- the lobby will hold up to 50 players at once, and each player will be able to customize their avatars by utilizing a set of characters, equipment, and items. The online service will be free right off the bat, as expected. We're anxiously awaiting more online information as the weeks progress (how's about mentioning that those with a -27 on the Leaderboards used Big Cup, for example?), and we'll keep you updated.

Hot Shots Golf 5 is currently scheduled for a July 26 release for the PS3, but we don't yet have a U.S. date. That's something else we'll be anxiously awaiting.

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