See this picture here? It's from a game they don't really make anymore; a style of role-playing that has irrevocably changed.

And it appears that Square-Enix is in no position to reclaim former glory. So what to do? Well, there are other developers out there who have produced top-notch RPGs this generation, so it's merely a matter of selecting the best parts of each team and creating an All-Star Design Studio.

So here's what we've come up with:

Story: BioWare, Quantic Dream, Naughty Dog, and Hideo Kojima

The most important element (in our eyes) will receive the most help:

We'll take BioWare for all-around scripting and scene creation. We will tap Naughty Dog for the intense cinematic awesomeness that Uncharted is well known for; we'll grab Quantic Dream for their unparalleled strides in the realm of maturity and emotion, and we'll take Hideo Kojima for character creation and the background history and fantasy aspect. We could ask David Cage to supervise, though, just in case Kojima has one of those attacks where he doesn't know when to end a scene.

World Design, Setting, Cinematics: Irrational Games, Square Enix, BioWare

We figure if we take Bioshock 's ridiculous creativity and innovation (of which there seems to be an infinite supply), BioWare's historically amazing fantasy creations, and Square Enix's patented Japanese flair (lotsa flashy stuff and drop-dead gorgeous CGI), we figure we'll get a production that is beautiful, immersive, and utterly, endlessly compelling. If we need to, we'll bring in more open-world assistance from Rockstar.

Combat Design: Nippon Ichi (or Atlus), Bethesda

Here's what we're going to do: We're going to take all the combat designers from Nippon Ichi and Bethesda, throw them in some sort of colossal cage deathmatch, and the resulting mess will actually be the perfect blend of Japanese-influenced, quasi-turn-based mechanics and the real-time, first-person, modernized mechanics Bethesda utilizes. If this doesn't work, we'll throw Atlus and BioWare into the cage next.

On-Call Alternates

At any given time, all the best studios will be on call to provide their services. Rockstar, Naughty Dog and BioWare are at the top of the list, although we might tap talented individuals at the major publishers, too (Activision, SCEA, Ubisoft, EA, etc.). Oh, and we might give Blizzard a call, provided they understand they don't have a decade to deliver what we ask of them. Gotta get sh** done.