We all know just how profitable adult entertainment is, and there have already been plenty of adult video games on the market in the past decade or so. But they're always hidden from general public view (at least, they're not displayed prominently) and sales never even come close to approaching that of the best games out there. But don't pat yourselves on the back just yet, gamers, the pornography industry isn't about to give up, and they're optimistic about their interactive future.

According to a recent piece over at GamesIndustry.biz , adult entertainment executives are looking to find new ways of promoting their products. Such games could find a "real foothold" when the likes of Manifesto Games kick things into high gear, and developers like Brad Abrams of VirtuallyJenna finally deliver a hot video game. The article further cites the ever-increasing size of the Sex and Videogames Conference, held annually…you can input your own joke, here.

So when will we start to see more adult-oriented video games on the market, and more prominent and explicit than ever before? Only time will tell, but apparently, it's not far off.

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