James Bond can never be gone for too long.

The latest interactive iteration in the legendary spy series has earned a release date : 007 Legends arrive on October 16, a full month before the new film goes to theaters.

Boasting missions from the upcoming "Skyfall" movie as well as five other Bond big-screen adventures (dating back to 1979's "Moonraker"), this new title from Eurocom should be tons of fun. And in addition to what should be an action-packed campaign, we'll receive the single-player Mi6 Ops Missions mode, which debuted in last year's well-received GoldenEye 007: Reloaded . And of course, you gotta have the Bond staple: local four-player split-screen multiplayer and the now-standard online competitive multiplayer.

Bioshock Infinite was initially supposed to launch on October 16, too, but now the landing pad is clear for 007 Legends . And you know, as much as we're going to miss the potential new masterpiece from Irrational Games, last year's totally awesome Reloaded puts the new Bond game high on our priority list. How's about you?

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8 years ago

4-player offline = sold!

8 years ago

this is just a greatest hits version, a piece of the last few movies stitched together into some weird crappy story!
figures, hollywood finally get the hint and take the bond series back to its roots to the gaming industry detours and does a greatest hits!
god i never thought id say this but the gaming industry is more clueless than freaking hollywood!