Oh dear, what do we do here…?

In the debut competition of our So You Think You Can Review Video Games user review contest, we left it up to the community to determine the very best user review submitted during a one week period.


But you guys had to go and throw a wrench into the works; there's controversy now, 'cuz it's a dead flat even tie . Douchebaguette's Mass Effect 3 review and Ludicrous_Liam's Uncharted 2: Among Thieves review are great, and the community liked each exactly equally. At first, I thought we'd just run a head-to-head poll to determine the winner, but why not be cheerful and just say we have two winners?

Therefore, we will publish both user reviews as official Guest Reviews on the site (you'll see them up in a minute), and then toss up the head-to-head poll. Whoever wins that face-off will receive a special prize from us…exactly what, I'm not sure yet. Free copy of Starhawk or Gravity Rush ? Rockstar Max Payne 3 t-shirt? Something else? Maybe I'll give the winner a choice…

Anyway, vote now to select your favorite and please, don't shoot for another tie. 😉 By the way, feel free to keep submitting your user reviews, as they can be eligible for the next competition, which will follow immediately after this one. Follow the instructions through the link above if you wish to participate.