Ideally, sequels should improve on any of the shortcomings observed in the original.

And that's exactly what developer Gearbox Software intends to do with Borderlands 2 . During a new Q&A over at the PlayStation Blog , game producer Matt Charles answered a few burning fan questions concerning the hotly anticipated sequel, which launches in September.

The team plans to address a number of issues; among them, a more consistent framerate (Charles says we will certainly see "an improvement") and a solution to the ongoing voice chat hiccups fans of the first title have reported. But in addition to these fixes, you can also expect upgrades and enhancements: This includes a greater variety of character customization, the introduction of a new vehicle (The Technical), and the inclusion of "new relics and shields" that can help you avoid the emergency state where health packs are necessary. Some complained about having to pause the first game to heal.

Oh, and don't forget about the "completely new inventory screen" in addition to a presentation overhaul; all interface screens have received "various upgrades." Lastly, there's the part about the campaign, which struck us as interesting. Here's the response to the question- "Is the story going to be more cut-scene based like UNCHARTED, or more audio log based like the original BL?"

"We’re mixing it up a bit this time: few short cutscenes (and title cards) where necessary, lots of in-game moments, ECHO logs, missions, and environmental storytelling – not to mention the significant NPC improvements we made so it doesn’t just feel like a cardboard cut out of a dude is sending you on a quest.

What’s great is that we catered it towards both audiences that love story telling through NPCs and those who prefer to go kick some ass! If you choose to do the latter, you can run off as the NPC is talking to you and the discussion will appear as an ECHO transmission. No chains attached!"

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10 years ago

I loved the different stories in Borderlands – yeah I know, I'm easy to please – so it's great to hear they haven't just ditched the stories and made it a pure crazy loot shooter.

Lest not forget that Borderlands has full campaign coop either. Borderlands 2 will probably be the best 4 player coop game released for the Playstation since… Well, since the first Borderlands were released.

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10 years ago

And horizontal splitscreen!!! 😀 I loved the stories, and the character intros lol

10 years ago

im still sceptical.
gearbox are the type of company which says one thing while doing another, and while saying yeah weve fixed it they will distract you and draw your attention to something totally unrelated.
its a shame because borderlands was my type of game by all rights i should of freaking loved it!
but both the technical issues, constant save corruptions and such, and gameplay issues its frustrating having to spend 100% of your time killing enemies especially when your asked to search for items.
stopped me from doing so.
i hope there fixed, because then finally the game that should of been made for me, can truly be made for me!