Yes, I'm aware of the hatred flashing from the eyes of offended PC fans everywhere. But I'm used to it.

And to be honest, I freely admit that I'm not intimately familiar with the problems surrounding the Diablo III launch. Maybe each and every one of those issues could hit any console game release, too. I don't really know. I will further admit that current consoles are more like PCs than ever before, and what with constant updating and installing, it's not that much different from the PC experience. At least, not when compared to the early PlayStation days.

I should also add that some of my very best gaming memories came from PC gaming; this includes Earl Weaver's Baseball and Hero's Quest in my younger days, and long hours of multiplayer fun in high school and college with Baldurs Gate II , Heroes of Might and Magic III , Icewindale , and yes, Diablo II . Hell, the late '90s were pretty damn amazing for the PC (even though I was partial to the glory days of PS1 JRPGs in those days). So consider all that a big ol' disclaimer for those who wish to freak out.

But in general, from where I sit, Diablo III has begun to embody a few of the reasons why I went away from PC gaming. First is the absurd development cycles for these games, which makes absolutely no sense. Duke Nukem Forever is only one example, of course, but that turned out like sh** and how long have we been waiting on Half-Life 3 ? And now Diablo III , nearly 12 years after the last entry. I mean, at this point, I'm surprised people even care .

Then there's the obvious part- You've had 12 years to make this damn game. No, I don't know exactly how much time was spent in the development process (maybe it was only three or four years, I don't know), but the point is that if fans have waited patiently for this long, and there are massive server issues and a freakin' "game-ending bug," then that's just crap. The worst part is that there doesn't appear to be anywhere near enough rage and ire over this; we're not even close to the level of hostile backlash BioWare suffered for the Mass Effect 3 fiasco. And that game actually worked .

Lastly, if you're not even going to let people play your game if they don't want to use an Internet connection, then just call it what it is: A MMORPG. I won't get into that right now, but I think it should be mentioned. All in all, although I know consoles are basically computers these days, I'm fairly certain this whole mess likely wouldn't hit a big console entry. And I'm certain I won't have to wait twelve years for Uncharted 4 . Which, by the way, will probably blow any PC game out of the water, anyway.

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