Another debated "exclusive" game has been often accused of going multiplatform for quite some time now, that'd be Kane & Lynch for the Xbox 360. Today, publisher SCi Entertainment has confirmed that the game is, in fact, in development for the PlayStation 3, and that it'll launch simultaneously with the Xbox 360 and PC versions this Holiday season. GameIndustry Biz received word that the game was already "in advanced stages of development".

On top of that, Crossfire was also announced for the PlayStation 3. Crossfire was yet another game initially announced for the Xbox 360 and PC, but it'll now be heading to the PS3 with a simultaneous release early in 2008 (before March).

"The group's strategy is to release its new titles on next-generation consoles once there is a significant installed base… The board of SCi believes the installed base of PlayStation 3 will reach critical mass in the group's 2008 financial year," the statement continues. A release of these products simultaneously on all three platforms… Will benefit the long term revenue potential for these two strong franchises rather than releasing different versions at different times."

SCi's strategy is to have Kane & Lynch "sold into a strong retail market at Christmas 2007 and Crossfire launched early in 2008 when the installed base of hardware will have benefited from Christmas purchases. This is a decision which the Board believes will enhance the overall strength and long term revenue potential of these important franchises."

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