Why a picture of money? Because someone just got paid.

According to various sources, including Bloomberg , Activision Blizzard and EA have reached an out-of-court settlement after the Call of Duty publisher hit EA with a $400 million claim. The lawsuit was slated to go to trial on May 29.

Said Activision lawyer Beth Wilkinson:

"Activision and Electronic Arts have decided to put this matter behind them."

Activision fired Infinity Ward bosses Jason West and Vince Zampella back in 2010, accusing the two of plotting with EA to leave Activision and create a new studio. At the same time, West and Zampella accused Activision of not handing over deserved royalties and were seeking more than $1 billion in damages (way up from the $36 million they initially sought). But now, both companies will ask the court to dismiss the claims so hopefully, that's that.

The saga was a painful one and included a mass exodus of employees from Infinity Ward after West and Zampella left. There was no shortage of drama, either, as the duo formed Respawn Entertainment – HA – and revealed that EA would publish their debut title. That, by the way, will not be revealed at E3 next month; the studio won't be in attendance at the event.

But at least things are reaching a conclusion. Thankfully.

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9 years ago

I assume that means Activision saw what was what and said Uncle, meaning the litigation would have cost more than they could have ever hoped to extract in this case.

9 years ago

In my opinion Anti-vision was all out of huffing & puffing ploys, & they settled because they didn't want the media & the public know any more about all their behind-the-scenes dirty laundry.

9 years ago

yes they will be in attendance, there just not showing off anything.
the court case against the IW employees still runs though.
will be interesting to see what the outcome is.
judging from new info released today it looks like the IW employees were breaching contract looking to switch to EA while still under contract, so the unpaid royalties and such antivision did was completely within their rights!
interesting to see what happens…….

9 years ago

Here's a little something else I've found on it….

Ex-Activision IT head was asked to "dig dirt" on West, Zampella
By Dan Pearson

Thomas Fenady testifies that he was asked to hack phones, VM, email during "Project Icebreaker"

A court filing from the ongoing legal case against Infinity Ward founders Jason West and Frank Zampella has shown that Acvtision's former IT director, Thomas Fenady, has testified that he was asked to hack into work email, computers and phones in order to 'dig dirt' on the pair, eight months before their contract was terminated.

The revelation comes from a court document supplied to Giant Bomb and claims to show that Activision was already in the process of looking to rid itself of West and Zampella during 2009, when tensions first arose.

During that period, testifies Fenady, a plan was formed under the moniker of Project Icebreaker. Activision's George Rose, then chief legal officer and now chief public policy officer, asked him to find information which would give the publisher reason to dismiss the pair, by hacking email, computers and phones.

Fenady also testifies that he was told "don't get caught doing it", but that "Bobby will take care of you. Don't worry about repercussions."

You can read the entire article here….