PlayStation 3 owners are finally allowed to participate in the special weekend challenge action for Mass Effect 3 .

But they've missed out on several weekends already, so BioWare thinks they should get the Sony crowd all caught up. That's nice of them, wouldn't you say?

According to an update at the developer's website , BioWare will be offering the multiplayer Commendation Packs for Operation Goliath and Operation Raptor (two weekends PS3 fans were forced to miss) on Wednesday, May 9. And yes, they're completely free of charge; just check out the in-game store and download your extra goodies. You'll need 'em, because this week is Operation Silencer, and "you will need all the firepower you can get your hands on." Those pesky Reapers just never give up.

With this catch-up gesture, PS3 owners should be good to go for the future. Mass Effect 3 seems to be getting a lot of attention online, so you might want to test it out if you haven't already.

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8 years ago

Those packs arrived last Wednesday night. I was thrilled to get the N7 Valiant and its upgrade. The promotional screen for the PS3 version of the special events is absent for some reason. Believe it or not I have had to convince many on my friends list that we are even getting the special events. There is absolutely nothing in the mp that suggests these special events are going on which is odd because I have seen the in game promotional screen for the 360 version.

There are teams out there right now that have absolutely no clue special events are going on so they are fighting the wrong enemy. Bioware needs to get that screen up for the PS3 so everyone can participate if they want to.