Well, at least they're excited and confident.

Capcom has provided us with some sales estimates for their impending titles, and the publisher expects Resident Evil 6 – slated for an October 2 launch – to sell 7 million copies worldwide, which would make it the single best-selling game in the company's long history. If you're wondering, the current record is held by Street Fighter II on the SNES, which sold 6.3 million. RE5 managed to sell 5.8 million.

They also expect the Devil May Cry reboot, known only as "DMC," to sell 2 million copies around the globe, and they anticipate sales of 1.5 million for this month's Dragon's Dogma and 1.4 million for next year's Lost Planet 3 . Given the hype surrounding RE6, it's no wonder that Capcom has high expectations for the game; they even changed the initial launch date from November 20 because of the "positive feedback" due to the epic debut trailer. It was pretty damn cool.

So will you be one of those projected 7 million…?

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