Diablo III releases for PC and Mac in just a few days; May 15, to be exact.

And it has been confirmed that a console version is in the works, although nobody knows when it might arrive. A few of the more optimistic were hoping for late summer or fall.

However, we might have to wait a lot longer than that. According to a European source citing a Polish retailer, the PS3 version of Diablo III might not be on store shelves until July of next year. Now, I read that date as January 7, 2013, not July 1, 2013, but I think Europeans list dates differently… At any rate, this piece of evidence, however unofficial it may be, suggests that console gamers – or at least PS3 owners – have a long wait in front of them.

Of course, Diablo is almost certainly better played on the PC, anyway, so if you're really pumped about the return of this iconic franchise, you should probably just do that.