It was recently revealed by renowned creator Michel Ancel that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is most certainly still in development. Excellent.

But many are thinking that, at this rate, the long-awaited sequel may be primed for the next generation of consoles. It seems to be a long ways off, and the new systems from Sony and Microsoft can't be more than a few years away, right? It wouldn't be the first time a game has had to cross over generation gaps.

The leaked trailer – which many have been discussing for some time – is below and although it doesn't necessarily look "next-gen" (depending on your expectations), it does appear to blend the best of many different worlds. We don't know about you, but we're catching hints of everything from Uncharted to Mirror's Edge to Assassin's Creed . Maybe it takes a lot of extra power to get things running properly with amazing visuals behind it; you might want to check out the supposedly leaked image . Not too shabby there.