We've known for a while now that Namco-Bandai had an all new Katamari game in store for us. Recently it appeared on pre-order lists for various retailers, and now the official word is here. Beautiful Katamari will be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this year. No official date was given, but the game is expected to launch sometime within the year.

The all new Katamari will feature high-def visuals running in 720p. Online multiplayer was confirmed, as was downloadable content. The press release states that the Prince can ask for the aid of over 50 of his cousins during his quest. But, we're not quite sure in what way the cousins tie into the gameplay.

So far, the one screenshot of the game that's been released isn't exactly staggering. In fact, it looks no better than the previous games. But if the multiplayer is solid and the gameplay remains in tact, Katamari fans certainly have something to look forward to. Stay posted for more information as the release date nears.

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