Still no word on exactly when Diablo III is coming to consoles, but the headlines are everywhere, as the PC version launches next week.

One of the more interesting developer quotes comes from a recent interview in which game director Jay Wilson talks about sticking with the "old-fashioned" isometric camera, and the concept of Diablo as "an inherently multiplayer game." First, concerning the camera:

"Very early on in the process we had some people who argued that we should not make the game isometric, that it would be better technology, more modern, if we made a third or first-person game. I really would have nothing of it. For me a camera is not a technology choice, there's more than enough first and third-person games out there."

We really couldn't agree more. Wilson added that he didn't think the level-up process should be the core appeal; rather, it's more about the "acquisition of items." Lastly, he addressed the controversial issue of always-online DRM, which has been the focus of quite a few arguments in recent months. Said Wilson:

"We see Diablo as an inherently multiplayer game. There were a lot of issues with Diablo II where players would play offline and never realise the game had an online component, which felt wrong to us."

I certainly remember playing Diablo II mostly with friends, although I admit I had a lot of fun playing by myself, too. I'm a little surprised to hear the new title be described as "inherently multiplayer," but maybe I shouldn't be.