It's not looking super for the PlayStation 3 in Japan. Sales
of the console have fallen to an all time low, with barely 12k
systems purchased. The drought of software int June will likely
worsen the number over time, as it looks like it well dip below
10k soon enough. The Nintendo DS sold another 133.5k systems, and
the Wii performed brilliantly with 76k sold. Likewise, the PSP
also slipped down to 25k units.

Nintendo DS 133,471
Nintendo Wii 75,759
Sony PSP 24,850
Sony PS2 12,872
Sony PS3 11,948
Xbox 360 2,900

April 2nd-8th :
Nintendo DS 110,935
Nintendo Wii 52,583
Sony PSP 31,503
Sony PS3 14,520
Sony PS2 14,234
Xbox 360 2,963

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