The long awaited numbers for NPD's tracking of March 2007 are
finally out. The numbers are a bit surprising, as some consoles
sold more as opposed to last month, and some sold less. Leading
the pack if Nintendo's unstoppable dual screen machine, with 508k
DS' sold! The PlayStation 2 lead the console race with 280k units
moved (down from 295k), and for a console that's seven years old,
that's amazing.

The Nintendo Wii trailed the PS2 with 259k
systems (down from 335k). The Nintendo Wii continues to struggle
with supply constraints, which explains its sales. The
unconstrained Xbox 360 slipped in sales taking in 199k systems,
down from almost 230k in February.

As far as the PSP and PS3, both consoles saw slight bumps in
sales over February, but still nothing to write home about. For
March, the PS3 had a fair share of games released, including
MotorStorm, Oblivion, Armored Core 4, Virtua Tennis 3, The
Godfather, NBA Street Homecourt, and MLB 2K7. Below is the
complete list of hardware sales followed by the results of
February's sales:

March 2007:
Nintendo DS 508,000
PlayStation 2 280,000
Wii 259,000
Xbox 360 199,000
PlayStation Portable 180,000
Game Boy Advance 148,000
PlayStation 3 130,000
GameCube 22,000

February 2007:
Nintendo DS 485,000
Wii 335,000
PlayStation 2 295,000
Xbox 360 228,000
PlayStation Portable 176,000
Game Boy Advance 136,000
PlayStation 3 127,000
GameCube 24,000

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