Dead or Alive has always been an attractive franchise…in more ways than one.

In speaking to NowGamer , Team Ninja director Yohei Shimbori talks about the progression and maturation of the colorful, entertaining fighter. He spoke about the gameplay tweaks and additions, and said that DoA5 will boast a "battle system and balance focused on character individuality and versus play." At the same time, they'll keep the elements that make the games "so fun."

And in addressing the obvious sexuality involved in the franchise, Shimbori had this to say:

"In Dead or Alive 5 we are not only focusing on making the characters stand out, but we are adding more presence to the backgrounds and sound, etc, to add to the overall experience.

In the previous games the more sexual aspects may have been a distraction to the fight and those were the only elements that made characters stand out.

However, in Dead or Alive 5 we are making sure that characters themselves have actual presence and not the sexual bits. The game is still in alpha stage so we are playing around with different parts here and there, but the overall concept will not change."

Unfortunately, the robustness of the fighting mechanic has often been overshadowed by the "bounciness," so hopefully, the gameplay will reign supreme in DoA5.

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