Are you creative? Have you always wanted to see one of your designs in a video game?

Developer Sanzaru Games is giving you that opportunity, here and now. If you impress them, your in-game treasure design will be featured in the upcoming Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time .

All you have to do is make your creation using either hand-drawn animation or computer animation programs, and you have to include a description of what the treasure is and what it represents. Sanzaru Games will select their eight favorites and those will go into the game; as a cool consolation prize, all runners-up will receive a PlayStation Vita. The contest runs from April 20 to May 20 so if you're interested, you should start coming up with designs now; visit the PlayStation Europe website to enter, and good luck!

This is one of those games that should, by all rights, be great . We've been missin' the mischievous raccoon this generation, despite the solid collection; it's long past time for a new installment!

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8 years ago

Awesome! I wish I was more creative.

8 years ago

just sent mine in, not going to say what it is because that will give people ideas.
i really hope this turns out good, im still really sceptical for 2 reasons.
1 $ony announced it almost 11 months ago and we have seen barely anything from it!
weve seen more from games announced 2,3 months ago then we have from this a game announced almost 11 months ago!
2 its from a new developer that not only have they never worked on a game in the series, HD collection does not count your not "making" the game your just snazzing the graphics up!
this is the first full game they have worked on.
entrusting a virgin developer with sly is like trusting a virgin car manufacture to take over Ferrari!
they dont exactly have much background experience i hope they dont screw it up!