Most figure Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a foregone conclusion.

But of course, it's not official until it's official. And might that exciting day be looming large on the horizon…?

A tipster has provided Kotaku with what could be a legitimate poster advertising the unveiling date for Activision's latest Call of Duty installment.

There's little chance the 05.02.12 date is a release date (all CoD entries come out in the fall, typically in November, to take advantage of the holiday rush), so that probably indicates the announcement day. As for the chances of Treyarch producing a sequel to 2010's uber-successful Black Ops , those started to grow the instant a French source leaked the upcoming sequel. Amazon got into the fun, too.

So there's plenty of evidence to support the idea and chances are, in about two weeks time, Activision will be lifting the lid on this year's mega-blockbuster. …nobody will be surprised, either.