The game formerly known as True Crime: Hong Kong now has a date and plenty of attractive pre-order incentives.

The ambitious, gritty project from United Front Games is slated to land in North America for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on August 14. If our preview has piqued your interest and you're ready to toss down a deposit, you should know that GameStop, Amazon, and Best Buy have goodies a-waitin'. Just gotta be proactive.

If you pre-order at Best Buy, you'll get the Georges St. Pierre (GSP) Pack, which features GSP's signature "flying punch," granted by an exclusive GSP outfit. The outfit also has the benefit of increasing grappling and throwing damage. If you opt for GameStop, you'll nab the Police Protection Pack, which includes a special "High Speed" mission, an HK Police SWAT outfit, an assault rifle, and a SWAT police vehicle (all exclusive to the retailer). If you'd rather go with Amazon, you'll receive the Martial Arts Pack, which grants you the "Shaolin Showdown" mission, the Shaolin Warrior outfit (increased striking damage), bonus Triad XP points, and a Wing Chun decoration for the safehouse (with temporary combat buff).

As we've said before, this reminds us of a crazier Yakuza , and that could mean lots of entertainment.

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