In case you aren't aware of Crytek, they're the developers of Far Cry, and also the developers of Crysis for the PC. If you're not familiar with Crysis, I highly suggest looking it up; it is arguably the best looking videogame in development at the moment. In the meantime take a look at the shot provided.

Anyways, for months now, rumors of Crysis arriving on a home console have been shot down by Crytek. But now, Kotaku has uncovered a little tidbit on Crytek's own webpage. The developer is looking to hire a programmer for "Work on various aspects of porting to PS3 and creating solutions to get the utmost out of the PS3" and "Cross platform code development".

Considering that Crytek is working on only one (known) project, that would likely mean the game port in question is likely Crysis. Clearly, with the amount of buzz that Crysis has generated, it would be in Crytek's best interest to broaden the game's accessibility and offer it to console gamers. It'll be very interesting to see just how well the PlayStation 3 manages to handle it…that is, of course, if the game in question is indeed Crysis.

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