At the Japanese premier of Spider-Man 3, the Big Boss of Sony, Sir Howard Stringer, announced that the sell-through of the PlayStation 3 over in Europe is now at the 800,000 mark, in less than one month of sales. The company had shipped 1-million PlayStation 3s all across Euroland, 165k of which were sold in the United Kingdom alone (that number stands just over 200k, today).

“I think [in] the first two days in the UK, £100m revenue changed hands and that's probably the largest consumer electronics sale in history” said Stringer. "We came into the market with more games, and perhaps we lived up to the expectations in Europe in a way that perhaps we didn't in Japan,"

Those words almost sound like Stringer is admitting a grueling error that Sony is paying for in Japan right now, a lack of content. Sales of the PlayStation 3, while decent in the US and Europe, are very slow in Japan. The largest reason behind the PS3's slow sales is because Japan has almost no content for the console. A total of eight PS3 games are expected to ship between now and July, and only two of those games have a chance of selling in Japan, (the other titles are Madden, Def Jam Icon, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, R6 Vegas, and Call of Duty 3).

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