Betting on the Titans to take it this year? Drafting Vince Young into your fantasy football team? Eh, maybe you'll want to rethink that. The Nashville City Paper is reporting that Titans Q.B. Vince Young will be making an announcement today on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he's the new coverboy for Madden NFL '08. The appearance of Young on Kimmel Live is marked to kickoff the very first leg of the Madden NFL 08 promotional freight train. No official announcement has been made yet, but the info does seem pretty concrete.

Madden and Titans fans are likely not very happy with this news, considering that the EA curse, primarily the Madden curse, is alive and well. In case you're not aware of the Madden curse, it goes a little something like this: since Madden NFL 2001, every athlete to grace the cover of a Madden game subsequently ended up having a terrible season, usually due to injury. The curse has been consecutive since then, Google “Madden Curse” for more information. I just hope Vince Young got paid an enormous sum of money in order to be taking a risk like this.

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