Maybe you wanted a Shadows of the Damned sequel but for now, you'll have to make do with another original title from Grasshopper Manufacture and noted designer Suda 51.

Japanese publications have been talking about the team's new project, Killer Is Dead ; Andriasang has gathered up a few more gameplay details. Basically, it's not a sequel to Killer 7 (as the name might suggest), but it still falls in line with Suda 51's love of "assassin" adventures.

The protagonist is an "Executioner," whose job it is to take out "S level" criminals, whatever that means. You will use a sword and apparently, the action will be similar to No More Heroes , which is good news for fans of that relatively popular title. The game has been in development for about a year and "the first draft of the game's scenario has just been completed." As a few more hints, they've said some "key words" for the game are Moon, Earth, and Love. …just use your imagination.

The tandem that will bring us this intriguing title is developer Grasshopper and Publisher Kadokawa Games, the same duo that will give us Lollipop Chainsaw in June. As for Killer Is Dead , it should be ready to go for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. Stay tuned for more info.

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9 years ago

Yes please!!!!

Grasshopper Manufacturing is quickly gaining in status as one of my favorite developers.

9 years ago

Holy cow!!!

These guys are churning out games faster than Activision churned out Guitar Hero's, except the big difference is that these games are all new and unique and good quality!!

9 years ago

their last game shadows of the damned has got to be the most boring, worst case of cut and paste gameplay ive ever played!
not to mention the obnoxious d*ck jokes every 3 and a half seconds!
i mean they made a character that made duke nukem look like a genteman!
what kind of a accomplishment is that!?
it will take a hell of allot more then good reviews and recommendations to get me to waste any more of my cash on their games!
if you can call them that……..