They were down, but they were never out.

After the music/rhythm boom essentially crashed a couple years back, Harmonix disappeared off the radar. But now they're back with a new music-based offering; the biggest difference is that this one will be a digital title. Oh, and the fact that the plastic instruments are gone.

As revealed at G4 , Rock Band Blitz will be available to download on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this summer. Basically, it's a single-player game that lets players play all the instruments on the track using just a basic controller. Project Director Matthew Nord calls it "fast, silly, loud and over-the-top," all of which are adjectives we appreciate when it comes to Rock Band . Furthermore, the game will be compatible with all the songs currently sitting in the franchise catalogue, which comes in at around 3,700. Blitz will also ship with 25 songs, and all of those will be playable in Rock Band 3 .

As Nord says, they're not going for authenticity; this is an arcade game, so it's designed to be quick, entertaining and accessible. No pricey peripherals and a nifty recommendation system that gives players a mix of songs tailor-made to their preferences (based on purchase history or tracks recommended by friends). It looks really cool and the inter-series compatibility is great!

Also, if you're not seeing Amplitude in that debut video, you've never played Amplitude . 😉

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