Admittedly, I was quite disappointed with Ninja Gaiden 3 . But maybe some helpful additions and tweaks will offer a significant upgrade.

Team Ninja has released some downloadable content for the latest NG entry. This includes the infamous Falcon's Talons (for use in the single-player campaign) and the Metal Claws (multiplayer), as well as Ninja Trials packs and extra equipment and items. Lastly, if you think the adventure is too easy, there's a new Ultimate Ninja difficulty, which is coming on April 24 and will remain free for one month. Free is good .

As for the Talons and Claws, Trials, and new items and equipment, some of that can be purchased separately, or you can pick up the complete Ninja Pack 1 set, which will cost you $9.99. As of right now, you can grab those Falcon's Talons, plus a new stage for online multiplayer; both are free if you act quickly. Oh heck, we assume they'll remain free but why waste time?

Over time, with enough enhancements, NG3 might become a much better game. But you really can't change enough of the severe issues that hamper the gameplay, such as the camera. That really needed to be fixed, guys.

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