The PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace are great venues for bringing back the classic past. Capcom knows all about classics, but this one wasn't originally theirs. The publisher has announced they'll be bringing the Games Workshop board game, Talisman , to the Store, Marketplace, and PC this winter.

The game appears to be a faithful recreation of the board/card game, as it will include a virtual board with 3D characters and backdrops. Up to four players can play both online and off, and use any one of 25 available characters, and we'll even have the benefit of voice chat. The game will be pretty basic when it's initially released, but Capcom is likely planning several downloadable updates that may include more characters, alternate endings, etc.

Big Rooster studios is at the helm for this unique project, and for fans of the 1983 board game – oh, they're out there, all right – it should make for a fine addition to the online stores.

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