Even when the words are translated, it can be difficult to fully comprehend Hideo Kojima's Tweets.

The latest tells us so much and so little at the same time: If you check his Twitter page , you'll see an announcement that – depending on how you interpret it – is either very interesting or mildly alarming.

"Today I made a major change in direction after reviewing the experiment over FOX. Not sure if it was the right decision but this is my way to proceed. I gotta believe in myself as always."

Now, your guess is as good as ours. He could be referring to his still-secret Ogre Project, or he could be talking about some other project that utilizes the FOX Engine. Or maybe he's specifically talking about the engine itself, and not any particular game… Either way, one gets the feeling that such a "change in direction" might lead to a longer wait for gamers, especially if it involves a drastic alteration in a project that's in the midst of development.

But that's being all sorts of pessimistic and as always, we really have to wait until Kojima elaborates before coming to any conclusions.